5 Must Have Power Tools for DIY

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Many times when dealing with projects such as building at home or repairing something people find that the cost is always high for something they would have easily done it by themselves. This is the main reason for having DIY tools at home. Five most valuable DIY tools to have at home include;


For many wood projects a table saw comes in handy since it is very affordable although it means more time spent. Alternatives to this may include the circular saw, miter or jig saw all of which are powered machines. The cost will, however, be higher than that of the table saw. The point is to have some way of cutting through the wood for projects that are never ending.

Nail gun

A nail gun is one of the most critical equipment one should own in their home. People are always building something at home, be it a chicken house, stands for tomatoes or even tables. Fixing doors on frames require nails too and hiring someone to do this for you may cost extra charges. The nail gun can be of the coil or strip style divided roughly into roofing, flooring, Palm, framing, finishing nailers. This goes a long way in reducing time spent with hammers and nails. The type bought will depend on the kind and size of the project.

Paint sprayer

For some reason homes always require some painting every few months. This can be done effectively by anyone who owns a paint sprayer or expensively by hiring someone to do the painting for you. Take for example the critter spray product with a siphon gun. Reviews from those who bought it are that it can be used to spray chalk paint that has been thinned. Also, it can e used with primer and polyacrylic. The airflow required for adequate performance is also not a lot. The size however matters since the equipment are small and may need refilling severally for large projects such as painting fences.


You have to have an electric sander. For one, it does not take up much storage space and is easy to handle. You can get tired of hand sanding and feel like your hands have seen better days. Get yourself one of these to make life easy for you when engaging in woodwork. It will save you a lot of time in comparison to hand sanding. Plus, it will save you the pain of having raw hands. What is not to love about that!


You cannot do it yourself without a cordless hand drill! Picture this, you are making a chair for your dad, mom, wife or even husband and you need to get a hole in the wood to fix a screw or something. What do you do? Just reach into your tool box for your hand drill and DIY! It makes everything so much easier for you. And the fact that it is cordless is a plus as it allows you the freedom of movement without the restriction of a cord. It is also handy when you want to make a hole in the wall to fix something in.