Creative Cities Home Improvement is a website dedicated to giving you the latest tips, tricks, walk through, and various DIY home improvement tips to assist in making your home a more suitable, and enjoyable living environment.

This website is owned and operated by my wife, Stacy, and myself, Jim; as we venture through improving our first home. We got married back in 2013 and lived in a 1 bedroom apartment trying to get our life afloat. We both have always been in a lower class income group, so by default; our first home was a fixer-upper. With this we have both been scouring Pinterest and other various blogs learning how to renovate and improve our new home 1 room at a time. After being here for a year, we have picked up various tips and tricks that we’d like to share with you that we wish we had known since day 1. From renovating our bathroom, redoing our electrical wiring, to learning basic woodworking, calking, cementing, and various other tasks, we feel as if we have quite an arsenal at our disposal to help us achieve our ultimate dream home.

As we learn more on a daily basis, we vow to keep this blog updated with our new found knowledge on this topic. We dedicate hours upon hours every day to working on improving our home and it means a lot to us to share this with you. If you ever have any ideas on what we could write about or any ideas that you’ve found when working on your home whether it be DIY or something you purchased, please feel free to contact us! We love keeping in touch with our readers and appreciate and care for every last one of you.

This blog is written with love, written for you; the reader, to be able to build a community around something we deeply enjoy as a couple. I think it has brought us closer together than anything else working on something that we can call our very own. Something we have put sweat and tears into making a reality after wanting something to call our own for so long. It has touched our hearts and our life and continues to do so every day.

As we both work desk jobs, we have never been the creative type. We are probably the last people on the planet you’d expect to do manual labor or any work with our hands. But using the internet and Google to our disposal; we have become savvy and feel confidant in everything we do when trying to achieve our end game of having a beautiful home to raise a family in one day. From working on the exterior of our home, to gardening, to doing some much needed renovating, we are working to better our lives every single day.

We thank you very much for taking the time to read and comment on our tutorials and various things posted here. This website started as a simple idea to keep a work log of what we do and has transformed into something we can be proud of and share with our friends and family. They are always curious on what we’ve been up to when we don’t hastily return a phone call or go missing for a couple days at a time, so hopefully this website will let them keep closer connected to us and help our readers learn and venture into their own DIY projects to make their home into something spectacular.

As the saying goes, “there’s no where like home”– and that will forever be true.  Make your home YOURS. Make your home something you are proud of, cherish, and love. Somewhere you can meet with your friends and family and at the end of the day lay to rest knowing that it’s structural integrity is in tact and that you are proud to be there. Even if you live in a home you are not proud of, somewhere that is broken down and leaves you in distress- do something about it like we did. Learn to fix and improve things yourself. It will bring you so much joy knowing not only were you capable of doing it, but that you can be happy with where you are and proud of what you have even if it isn’t much.

Your environment can affect your mental health more than anything. And fixing it yourself can not only help you get physically in shape, but can improve your every day mental state. You’d be surprised what a couple hours of painting a room can do to your overall mood and outlook on life. Wake up everyday and have the first thing you see being something you accomplished and conquered. Something you love and enjoy. Your home, your peace, your serenity.