Appliances are expensive to replace. Keeping them in good working condition is imperative if you don’t have the money to replace your appliances every 3 – 4 years. All major appliances come with instruction books that show you the ins and outs of how to use the appliance along with some safety tips to follow to ensure the appliance runs efficiently. That said here are a few more tips that you might find useful and could save you some money in the long term. Keep…Continue Reading “Keeping your Appliances healthy and in the best working condition”

When it is time to choose the right color palette for your home, many people who prefer brighter, bolder colors, incorrectly assume that the colors they favor would not suit the home they live in. They would then stick to more subtle paint color palettes to be safe, but that need not be the case. It does not matter whether the home is new or not. The colors of the rooms within your home need to bring out your personality. Though many new or recently…Continue Reading “Finding the right paint colors”

Many times when dealing with projects such as building at home or repairing something people find that the cost is always high for something they would have easily done it by themselves. This is the main reason for having DIY tools at home. Five most valuable DIY tools to have at home include; Saw For many wood projects a table saw comes in handy since it is very affordable although it means more time spent. Alternatives to this may include the circular saw, miter or…Continue Reading “5 Must Have Power Tools for DIY”

If there is one place that we can call ours totally, then it has to be our home. Usually, a house consists of 2BHK and increases. Every room that our house has- bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and dining room has their features and facilities. Our needs differ from room to room. It is quite natural that we would want our personalized touch in the rooms of our home. So that if tomorrow somebody comes to our place, they do not see a bland room and instead,…Continue Reading “Planning and remodeling a room”

Installing cabinets whether in a kitchen, laundry or utility cabinets in a garage, they all have the same basic set of installation requirements. Some simple tools are required and are in most handyman’s tool pails. Pencils, good carpenters four-foot level, tape measure, screw gun, several Quick type C clamps and a chalk line is a great start. If you have the use of a tripod with a builders level (or can rent one for a day), this will speed the work along significantly. Starting at…Continue Reading “How to Hang Cabinets”